Green Pack for organic cosmetics and ecological detergents

Excellent, effective and safe organic cosmetics and ecological detergents, in an environmentally friendly way.

Today’s consumer is increasingly attentive to the naturalness and eco-compatibility of products, not only with regard to formulations, but also with regard to the pack.
This sensitivity, initially aimed at organic cosmetics, has evolved by broadening the focus from formulas to packaging, from self-care products to ecological detergents, rewarding products that bring their contribution to environmental sustainability on the label.

Among the new drivers of choice which drive consumption there are the claims:“organic” for cosmetics, with an increase in sales of +10.4%;“less plastic” for home products with +35.3% of shelf sales, followed by +29.5% of“biodegradable”;“recycled plastic” for packaging, which rises by +15,8%, and“recyclable” by 11,8% (Osservatorio Immagino by GS1 Italy, 2021).

An evolution of consumption that organic and natural cosmeticshas anticipated and favored, paying attention to packaging ahead of trends.

It has gone to reduce the weight of bottles, ensuring the stability of the products and to use post-consumer recycled plastic from 50% up to 100%, to significantly reduce the production of virgin plastic.

All operations that require a careful assessment of the type of plastic to be used depending on the products, which in are followed by in-depth stability and compatibility studies, to ensure that the product is safe and effective, the formula remains unchanged throughout the time of use of the product and there are no interactions between the bottle and formula.

The selection of the packaging obviously takes into account the preferences of the consumer and the pleasantness of his experience, without losing sight of the final goal of ensure excellent, effective and safe products, in an environmentally friendlymanner, designed and manufactured in an environmentally sound manner.

For cosmetics as for ecological detergents and household detergents, encourages the use of recycled plastic after consumption from 50 to 100%depending on the opportunities, namely the plastic that comes from our homes, recovered through separate collection, choosing between the various types existing.
The mixture obtained during the recycling phase does not allow to reach the optical white of the bottle, favoured in the choices of the consumer for cosmetics, but guarantees the integrity and effectiveness of the products and, above all, strongly limits the production of virgin plastic.

Less Plastic. More Beauty. More Life!