San.Eco.Vit. a green-tailoring Company

“We have it in our DNA to accompany our Clients throughout their choices about ingredients and packaging”

Quote from an interview to Donato Vitaloni, San.Eco.Vit founder.

Organic has always been our passion: it is now part of our life and a constant concept throughout our Company’s way of working.
We started offering natural products with organic ingredients in 1989, when this market was almost unknown and it was difficult to find raw materials

We have not adapted to the market, it is the market that has welcomed us.

We have built on this philosophy and have gained a lot of experience, formulas have evolved with us and we are among the first fcompanies to have received the Natural and Organic Certification, both for cosmetics and for home cleaning.
When the market came in our direction, we found ourselves in an optimal condition, because in order to formulate products you need experience, and we have the advantage of years of experience and passion. It is not easy to produce a cream with only natural ingredients but with the same texture as one with synthetic silicone. It is fundamental to have a great experience and know how in formulating to create the right mix of ingredients and reach the performance of a substance derived from petrochemicals.

Today has grown and is part of an important group, but it is still a tailoring company: for each customer we realize exclusive formulas and custom projects, natural products, which are stable over time and which offer exactly what they promise, excellent performances similar to those of a traditional product,thanks to new natural raw materials available nowadays. Almost 80% of our formulas are certified and we have certifications both on process and quality.

We enjoy establishing partnerships with clients who require our assistance, understanding what their needs are and if we can meet them with our structure. If a client is looking for a traditionalproduct, with petrochemical ingredients, we are not the right company.
If a client is oriented to green and natural products, in line with our philosophy, we give him all our support and we offer him advice so that he can meet the needs of the final consumer from all points of view: formulation, performance, pleasantness and sustainable packaging.

Supporting the client in choosing formulas, ingredients and packaging is part of our DNA.
We are responsible for the products’ design at 360 º and we provide regulatory assistance on all aspects related to the introduction of the product on the European and non-European market, up to marketing consulting.

We believe in what we have always done and in what we will keep doing, and today, with so many companies which have entered this sector, we have new challenges and new objectives that will help us to improve.

As a matter of facts, the consumer will look beyond organic for a green product, natural and ethical and also with an increasingly sustainable packaging.
And we are already doing this. We offer improved formulataion which are more oriented to green, with great fairness and transparency towards the consumer, which must always be safeguarded.

Organic today is the only possible way to a better world.

Donato Vitaloni, founder San.Eco.Vit.